#7 Best Dedicated Servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2024

There are so many fishes out there in the ocean but few are edible as they are nutritious. Similarly there are so many website hosting companies out there but we need to choose only the one that provides the best dedicated web hosting services and that also at affordable rates which suit our requirements. 

The questions that pop up in our mind is, which dedicated server to choose in Amsterdam Netherlands, since we have so many outstanding servers out there in the internet market? So, in this article, we have reduced your work of comprehensive study of all the best dedicated servers available in Amsterdam, Netherlands by providing a guided comparison for the users to choose from among the best.

First and foremost let us give a brief idea about all the dedicated servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands that provide innovative services to its clients. Here, they are tabled below:

Dedicated servers in AmsterdamPrice/monthCPURAMBandwidthStorageVisit
Youstable$1344 x 4.0 GHz32 GB DDR410 TB2 x 480 GB SSDVisit site
QloudHost$1294 x 3.6 GHz32GB DDR450 TB480 GB SSDVisit site
AbeloHost$1084 x 3.1 GHz2 x 8GB DDR3100mbps 2 x 250 GB SSDVisit site
UltaHost$1296 x 3.2GHz64 GB DDR4unlimited*2 x 960 GB SSDVisit site
LiquidWeb$2494 x 3.5 GHz16GB DDR45TB2 x 240 GB SSDVisit site
TMDhosting$79.998 x 2.4 GHz8 GB DDR4Unlimited 150 GB SSDVisit site
Cloudways$99 4 core8 GB DDR45 TB160 GB SSDVisit site

Now let us discuss,what is so special about Amsterdam, Netherlands that makes it an ideal Website Hosting Location for business Data?

The answer to this simple question lies in the fact that due to cheap power availability and phenomenal connectivity throughout European countries, made Amsterdam the best location for dedicated server hosting, that’s why amsterdam is known for its connectivity hub in Europe enabling business to get EU market.

What is a Dedicated server in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

To begin with, let’s first decode what a dedicated server actually is? A dedicated server is the entire server whose full authority command and access is given to a single client to avoid delayed performance due to high traffic.

Best Dedicated Servers in Amsterdam

Organizations that prefer excellent efficiency, security and privacy should use a dedicated server in Amsterdam.

Dedicated server gives full control over the server so that the user can modify it as per his needs.

So what makes Dedicated servers in Amsterdam so Preferable among the users? Amsterdam, Netherlands owing to its prime location, superior infrastructure, 24/7 low cost power supply and fast connectivity, is well preferred and is appealing choice for dedicated servers. 

So what factors should be kept in mind while choosing a dedicated hosting provider in Amsterdam? The solution is quite simple. The provider should be :

  • Trustworthy: Go for a service provider with a solid reputation and honest customer testimonials.
  • Provides SLA: Select companies that provide a service level agreement(SLA) that ensures dependability and uptime.
  • Ability to scale(Expand): Check to see if the service provider gives you the choice to update your server as your company expands
  • Supportive: pick a service provider with a capable technical team at your stake to help with any issues and 24/7 support.

At last to make sure you are receiving an affordable deal, compare prices from different providers which we have done for you in this article. 

#7 Best Dedicated Servers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In this page, we have mentioned a clear difference among the various dedicated servers in Amsterdam in terms of features, pricing, pros and cons, enabling you to pick the suitable one for yourself to get the best dedicated server hosting service. 

#1. Youstable 

Youstable is an ideal website hosting platform, providing supercharged and flexible dedicated web servers to its users. It was established in 2015 and since then it is providing amazing hosting services to its thousands of happy clients, being a perfect choice for users for premium website hosting.

YouStable Dedicated Server

It provides high standard performance with guaranteed uptimes without a single point of failure and low latency as well. 

Youstable even has one of their data centers in Amsterdam ensuring productivity and more business from European Buyers. Since, Amsterdam, in The Netherlands  is known for low cost and efficient supply of electricity, Youstable guarantees highest uptime to its users, enabling the users to get European Viewers.(9.81% of the entire world’s population).

YouStable Rating

Youstable, web hosting platform comes with several website-user friendly features. Below only a few are listed to give you an excellent idea about the services provided by Youstable:

YouStable Dedicated Plans Features

  • Premium Latest hardware with Zero Maintenance required
  • Newest SSD NVMe powered technology ensuring extreme performance
  • Provides free website migration
  • Offers free Daily backups certifying instant restoration of data on being requested.
  • LiteSpeed WebServer that enhances website performance 
  • Cloud Technology, delivering optimum functions to its users’ website.

YouStable Plans and Pricing 

At the end of the day, we all know that everything comes at a price. When we want something, we must be willing to pay the cost to

achieve it. 

So we see as in this case too, that in order to enjoy such vibrant and efficient features provided by Youstable Dedicated web servers, we need to pay a price to acquire it. 

What are the prices of various plans offered by Youstable for dedicated web servers?

Given below are the different dedicated server plans displayed for you to choose the most efficient one for your website.

YouStable Dedicated Server Plans

From the above plan and and its related pricing details, we see that the basic dedicated server plan offered by Youstable comes with 4 times 4.0GHz CPU, 32 GB Disk Drive R4 memory, 2 times 480 GB SSD storage and with 10 TB excellent bandwidth as well, and all of this comes just for mere $134.0 per month of charge, which is quite affordable for a small scale business.

So, Youstable ensures the greatest utility service packages at affordable rates ensuring website-friendly by providing latest tech on one hand and client-friendly by offering excellent packages at unbeatable deals on the other.

Pros and Cons 

As there are two different sides of the same coin, in the same way, Youstable has several merits and negligible drawbacks as well. And to start with, we’ll first discuss the merits:

  • A 30 days money refund policy gives users an opportunity to try the services.
  • Anti-DDoS protection providing high security from cyberthreats.
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime to ensure websites running round the clock.
  • 24/7 experts support guidance in multiple languages.
  • BitNinja Protection increases the level of protection of users’ data in the websites.
  • It asks for an insignificant amount for Domain registration starting from $8 per year.
  • Youstable with several merits, has but one minor challenge that it will address in the days to come sooner is that the customer service is not prompt. 

Why choose Youstable?

Dedicated server of Youstable in Amsterdam provides swift speed to acquire european traffic, 99.99% uptime or else refund policy, efficient load management with negligible request failures, 24/7 customer support with tech know-how in case of emergency, and affordable rates with wide range of payment options make Youstable the best dedicated server in amsterdam.

#2. QloudHost

QuloudHost Dedicated Server

QloudHost provides its clients with offshore website hosting services with its efficient technology. It has a cutting edge tech to provide genuine services by not compromising the quality at all.

Anti-DDoS Protection, provides 100% privacy to the data in the users’ website. 

QloudHost rating

QloudHost Dedicated Plans Features

The key features of QloudHost is listed as under:

  • Servers of QloudHost contain SSD NVMe Technology that provides lightning fast performance
  • Offers Anti DDoS Protection 
  • Weekly backups to ensure restoration of client’s data when requested
  • 24/7 support team provide assistance to the users facing difficulty
  • Website migration from existing service provider at Zero Cost 
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Website runs faster with lightspeed 

Now discussing the plans and its related pricing, QloudHost provides a wide range of plans at client-friendly costs. 

QloudHost Plans and Pricing 

Here, the plans along with their prices are listed below:

QloudHost Plans and Pricing 

Pros and Cons 

Merits and Demerits of choosing QloudHost are listed below for making easy for the user to understand:

  • Migration of website from an existing service provider is available free of cost
  • !00% protection of data in website due to Anti-DDoS protection installation
  • 30-days MoneyBack policy to provide confident assurance about the services.
  • 24/7 customer service enabling the user to resolve the issues.
  • QloudHost does not provide free domain registration, like Abelohost.

Why choose Qloudhost?

Website hosting customers can go for Qloudhost as it provides DMCA ignored web hosting and also has a user friendly interface, with 24/7 customer service that provides tech expertise. 

#3. AbeloHost

AbeloHost Dedicated Server

Abelohost provides offshore web hosting services that are reliable, affordable and secure. It was established in 2012 to offer website hosting utilities. 

They have data centers located all across Europe giving access to European business. They are known for their dutch dedicated and affordable offshore web hosting servers, and also 24/7 expert customer support.

Abelohost provides user-friendly functions to their website that ensures efficient performance. Let us dig into the wide features offered by Abelohost:

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AbeloHost Dedicated Plans Features

  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime due to a dutch dedicated server powered by 24/7 electricity supply.
  • Full root access of the server given to the user.
  • Free Migration of websites from existing service providers.
  • Unmetered bandwidth provided to ensure low latency of the website.

AbeloHost Plans and Pricing

We get to see from the above provided plans that the standard plan includes 2 times 8GB disk Drive R3 ECC, 2 times 250 GB SSD NVMe storage and 100 mbps guaranteed bandwidth just for $109.20(euro: 99.99) per month

Pros and Cons 

Here, are the Merits and demerits of using dedicated website hosting service from Abelohost:

  • Anti-DDoS Protection to ensure high security of users data in the website from cyberthreats.
  • Daily backups to ensure data restoration when required.
  • 24/7/365 expert support option.
  • Free Website Migration.
  • Various payment option to ensure users’ ease,
  • Abelohost does not provide free domain registration. High charge is required to be paid unlike Youstable where an insignificant amount is asked starting from $8.

Why choose Abelohost?

To enjoy offshore dedicated website service to increase foreign traffic, Abelohost is one of the best hosting service providers to opt for.

#4. Ultahost

UltaHost Dedicated Server

UltaHost is an ideal place to get secured and affordable web hosting utilities for small scale businesses, web designers, developers, bloggers as well. The dedicated servers of UltaHost offer extreme performance, complete authority and 24/7 support services, with the support team being supportive and cooperative.

UltaHost rating

So, what are the specifics of UltaHost that the customer is going to enjoy once he decides to buy it? The answer to this question is detailed listed down below:

UltaHost Dedicated Plans Features

  • Maximum speed and reliability due to SSD NVMe technology.
  • BitNinja technology is used to highly secure your website from various cyberthreats.
  • 99.99% uptime ensures no failure in connectivity.
  • 24/7 expert support provided to customers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth enabling no limits to the amount of traffic received.
  • Daily backups provided to restore the data on users’ request.

UltaHost Plans and Pricing 

The UltaHost dedicated servers provide users with vibrant plans at attractive costs. They are listed as under:

So we see that the standard plan starts from $129.90 per month onwards, which provides clients with 64GB RAM, 2 times 960 SSD disk drive, managed servers, IP Addresses- 1 IPv4, and more, that happens to be a perfect deal for a startup.

Pros and Cons

  • Include SSD NVMe technology to ensure swiftness and reliability in website performance.
  • BitNinja security setup to highly secure users’ data in the website from cyberthreats.
  • All OS available with any dedicated server plans.
  • Free daily Backups to restore data when requested by the users.
  • Free website migration.
  • 24/7 expert assistance in multiple languages.
  • The live chat option pops up annoyingly while surfing the website. Besides, no instant reply from the live chat team on occasion of doubt makes the thing go worse.

Why choose Ultahost?

Users can go for ultahost due to its vibrant features available like free migration, installing SSL, 30 days money back policy on not meeting the criteria makes Ultahost safe and trustworthy for new users. Its basic plan comes at an affordable rate with no hidden fee required to be paid. So it is ideal for web hosting.

#5. LiquidWeb

Liquid web offers a managed dedicated server that provides towering performance and high level of security to the websites. Whereas, the users can choose between self managed, core managed and fully managed dedicated server hosting plans as according to the needs of their business.

LiquidWeb Dedicated servers Features

  • Dedicated servers come with Acronis cyber backup, that provide off server backup to ensure safety of data. It even makes restoration of data 2 times faster than the local backups.
  • DDoS protection to reduce cyber threats.
  • Complete control and management of the server with root level access.
  • Swift SSD storage to boost server performance.
  • 24/7 expert guidance via live chat, Phone and HelpDesk.
  • Core data centers all over Europe, provide minimal rate of latency.

LiquidWeb Plans and Pricing 

The various Dedicated server hosting plans offered by LiquidWeb comes at unbeatable prices providing 5TB Bandwidth, Acronis Backups, 2 times 240 GB SSD primary Disk starting at $249 onwards.

Pros and Cons 

  • Free website migration
  • Dedicated IP address enhances safety and accessibility of the server.
  • Offers root level access
  • Multilevel DDoS protection to ensure high level of security
  • Built-in backup mechanism which comes with 250 GB of Acronis Backups.
  • Offer 30 days money back guarantee
  • Not suitable for first time users as no shared options are available in Liquid Web 

Why choose LiquidWeb?

Acronis backup and advanced level of protection can be few of the reasons to choose LiquidWeb for the efficient performance of the website. Besides, data centers are mostly europe centric which makes businesses to get more audiences from european countries thereby earning profits.

#6. TMD hosting 

TMDHosting, headquartered in the U.S.A., operates as a web hosting firm with data centers situated across 7 diverse global locations, including one in the Netherlands.

TMDHosting Dedicated Server

The company extends a comprehensive array of services encompassing shared, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting, along with reseller hosting and cloud hosting packages. 

Furthermore, they specialize in open-source hosting solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, SocialEngine, and other prominent content management systems. 

Over the span of 11 years, TMD has witnessed significant expansion while maintaining a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch services.

TMD hosting rating

TMDHosting Dedicated Servers Features

The features provided by TMD Hosting are as follows:

  • TMD cloud has N+1 redundancy and high availability ensuring strong security.
  • Equipped with tools for websites and domains to support regular operations.
  • Free installations for SSL certificates.
  • Expert guidance on request with 24/7 customer service.
  • Facilities provided across 5 continents enabling the users to gain significant traffic for his business.
  • Imunify360 for DDoS ensures highest level protection of websites.

TMDHosting Pricing and plans

The utilities enjoyed and the challenges faced by clients on using web hosting plans from TMD hosting are as under:

TMDHosting Pricing and plans

The starter plan for dedicated web server is offered at an inexpensible cost just for mere $79.99

With excellent capacity of 8GB DDR4 RAM and unlimited bandwidth as well.

Pros and Cons

  • Free of cost domain name with affordable plans 
  • 60 days money-back guarantee on most plans making TMD hosting more trustworthy among the users.
  • Daily backups to ensure restoration of data on request.
  • More improvisation is required in Knowledge base
  • Live chat is instant.

Why choose TMD Hosting?

Users, who are trying to approach more for website protection and more data centers to choose to avail facilities can go for TMD hosting service.

#7. Cloudways

Cloudways Dedicated Server

Web hosting platform, established in 2012, that provides cloud hosting to its 90 thousand + clients. It offers amazing features to its customers enabling them to save time and increase productivity. With cloudways, the websites are swift, more protected backed by 24/7 customer care service. Best managed cloud hosting that guarantees success.

Cloudways rating

Cloudways is known to host 570K+websites and provide user-friendly utilities to thousands of its clients.  So let’s find out what utilities are provided by Cloudways that makes it one of the best dedicated web servers.

So, now what will the user enjoy once he purchases the dedicated server for hosting his website? Here are the benefits of taking hosting services from Cloudways:

Cloudways Dedicated Server Features

  • Managing daily backups to retrieve data on being asked by the user.
  • Installing free SSL.
  • Built in advanced cache that offers top level performance.
  • 24/7 expert guidance in case of any emergency.
  • WAF(web Application firewall), DDoS protection enhances website security by mitigating cyberthreats.
  • Migration of websites from the existing service provider at Zero cost.

Cloudways Pricing and plans

The cost of dedicated web server provided by cloudways with amazing cloud feature are as follows:

Cloudways Pricing and Plans

Thereupon we see that the basic plan starts from $11, that happens to be an inexpensive investment for a small scale business.

Pros and Cons 

As there are numerous merits to getting hosting services from cloudways, likewise we have some drawbacks as well. Here they are:

  • 3 days Free trial without credit card.
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Dedicated firewalls to filter out malicious traffic and protect servers from intruders.
  • Choose from among 30+ data centers to target audience 
  • 24/7 support via live chat, ticket system and email at [email protected]
  • Attractive support level Addons to boost your website performance, including customization help and excellent private slack channel and phone support option for 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Heavy fee of $500 per month is required to access additional customer support.

Why choose Cloudways?

Since, strong protection to prevent illegal bypass, latest clouding tech, and unbeatable deals are at users’ stake, cloudways can be a good option for dedicated servers for all size business, bloggers and web developers  as their requirements are completely fulfilled at lower rates.

Conclusion – Best Dedicated Servers in Amsterdam 2024

Up till now, we have been able to discuss all the dedicated servers available in Amsterdam enabling offshore hosting

Going through this article would have enabled you to get a brief idea about all the website hosting companies providing dedicated servers to users required to carry out large scale businesses. All the benefits of the web hosting companies, their drawbacks and pricing policy has been discussed in detail giving you a summarized knowledge about their specifics.

So my final verdict is that if you have any query in this regard or if you find some amendments to be made, we are all ears to your fruitful recommendations. We hope that this article will help you in selecting the appropriate dedicated server from among these website hosting companies.

Best Dedicated Servers in Amsterdam

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