Best Reseller Hosting Providers – Up to 35% Off with Free WHMCS

A decent Web Hosting represents the deciding moment for your site.

While there are various Web Hosters available in the market, some of you may want to earn well with Best unlimited reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting is incredible because you won’t face any complexity like starting your own web hosting company. When you create a company, you need a heavy budget, but with Reseller Hosting, you can start with a very economical friendly costing.

Don’t get stressed over the equipment, assets, or other costly expenses related to Hosting Service. It’s a savvy path for developers and agencies to bring in some additional cash from their customers by selling hosting.

Are you confused about what plan and which company you should go with for reseller Hosting? Don’t worry, I have gathered information with pricing and all the features of Top Unlimited Reseller Hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the capacity to Reuse hosting by the customers you brought for even if you don’t have a big data centre and dedicated servers.

What is Reseller Hosting?

The Reseller Hosting is basically for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to begin their web hosting firm or for current web developers and originators who want to add extra service for their customers.

Reseller plans are intended for you to bring in cash and are frequently the most affordable and least demanding approach to start a hosting business.

why choose reseller hosting

By utilising one control panel, you are allowed to set up, oversee, and work the backend of websites.

No one will know who is the parent of the Hosting Service, and reseller is the perfect solution of shared hosting for developers like us.

Things you must keep in mind before selecting the Best Reseller Hosting provider for you.

There are many Reseller Hosting Companies, they will make millions of promises but won’t give you their best performance and functionality.

A Reseller Hosting Buyer must keep these things in mind:

  • Sufficient Disk Space
  • Sufficient Bandwidth
  • Number Of Accounts You Can Host
  • Up Time Of the Server
  • 30 days Money Back
  • Customer Support
  • White Label Branding
  • WebHost Manager
  • Costing

Sufficient Disk Space

As you are purchasing Reseller Hosting and later on you will sell it, so it is important to have a sufficient amount of disk space otherwise you won’t be able to store much data on your resold customers.

Sufficient Bandwidth

The Bandwidth is the actual amount of data transferring in simple terms Uploading and Downloading limit is our bandwidth so keep in mind to have a sufficient bandwidth limit and some companies may charge you extra bucks for Bandwidth TopUp Plan.

Number Of Accounts You Can Host

The quantity of reseller accounts you can make for exchanging relies upon the bundle that you Bought. This is set, so each record has sufficient bandwidth and plate space to give you and your clients the best exhibition accessible.

Server Uptime

If you purchase Reseller Hosting from a cheap Hosting Provider then it’s very obvious you will face some serious issues, so it’s better to keep an eye on it so that you change your Service Provider if the company is not performing well.

If the main hosting provider stops or faces any server down issue then you will face the same problem so prefer the company which markers their words to give 99% of uptime in a month.

Money-Back Guarantee

Let suppose you are not satisfied with the services, then what will you do? And you’ve paid the annual payment. So keep in mind that you may change your service provider and they pay you back your money.

Customer Support

No one is perfect and you may need customer support for your work. It is better to go with that company which gives superior customer support backing and they must be knowledgeable enough to understand your problem.

White Level Branding

The White-label providers make a product or service in order to be rebranded by a re-seller company so that the reseller can resell it as their products to the end customers.

In simple terms, the company must allow you to resell the hosting by a new name and it’s not mandatory to show that you purchased Hosting from this or that Hosting Provider.


Reseller Hosting is a bit costly as compared to Shared Hosting but keep in mind that it is cheaper than VPS and Dedicated so don’t pay extra on anything and read the full article to get an overview of pricing and other things.

CompanyFeaturesBest Discount


  • Get Upto 270 GB SSD Space
  • BandWidth Up To 2700GB
  • FREE WHMCS or Blesta
Check Price


  • 2.5 TB Bandwidth
  • Up To 150 c-Panel Accounts
  • Up To 32GB RAM
  • Up To 250 GB SSD Space
Check Price


  • Free SSL Certificate
  •  No Dedicated IP
  •  Private Nameserver
  •  Softaculous App installer
  •  Free Migration
Check Price


  • Up To 1400 GB Of Bandwidth
  • Up To 140GB of Disk Space
  • WHM and c-Panel Support
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
Check Price


  • 300% Green Energy Commitment
  • Up To 4 CPU cores, with Up to 3 GB Physical memory and 20 MB/sec Disk I/O.
  • Up To 500,000 inodes
  • Up to 500 emails per hour
Check Price
TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting

  • Up To 2TB Bandwidth
  • Up To 200 GB SSD Space
  • Enhanced Caching Technology
  • Memcache instance 256MB
Check Price


  • Up To 4TB Bandwidth
  • Up To 200GB SSD Space
  • Up To 300 c-Panel Accounts
  • 400+ Softaculous Apps
Check Price
Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

  • Up To 6TB of bandwidth
  • Up To 8GB of RAM
  • Root Acess is also Available
Check Price

1. A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

A2 was launched in 2003, it has a strong focus on loading your account with the best versions of the most popular development software. Their servers support older versions too.

a2hosting logo

Key features

Let’s Start with the Client account, A2 offer UpTo 75 client accounts and if we talk about server locations then servers are available in the USA, Europe, Asia. A2 also gives huge support of 256GB RAM with 32 Cores server. A2 Also offers white level branding.

Plans and Pricing

A2 divided their packs into 8 parts, the cheapest one is named KickStart and it will cost you as low as $18.99 which on the other hand the most expensive one will cost you $69.99 and this pack is named Turbo Scale, the name defines features of this pack.

Expert Advice

There Overall performance and reviews are good but you may face some customer support-related issues.
If we take a look at the cheapest plan then named KickStart it will cost you $18.99 but you may face many restrictions because it’s their cheapest plan.

2. HostPapa Reseller Hosting

HostPapa is a well-known brand for hosting and they focus on better performance and gaining the trust of customers by providing them with a bundle of features and HostPapa also won many awards for their Hosting.

hostpapa logo

Key Features

If we talk about the key Features then HostPapa gives

  • Up To 8 cores support to its users
  • You can also host up to 150 c-panel
  • Get Up To 250GB of SSD Storage
  • Get Up To 2.5TB Bandwidth
  • 32 GB RAM

Pricing & Plans

HostPapa divided its plans into 5 parts, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium pricing is as follows,

  • Bronze- Rs-2000
  • Silver- Rs- 2600
  • Gold- Rs- 3400
  • Platinum- Rs- 4900
  • Titanium- Rs- 6600

Expert Advice

The chat support agents of HostPapa can be a bit slow at peak hours. The pricing options might be misleading for some people. With the lower-level plans, the backup options aren’t automated. If you can afford then for maximum output go with their Titanium plan which will cost you Rs.6600 and you will get a lot of features with it.

3. YouStable Reseller Hosting

YouStable is the best brand for Reseller Hosting coz they give the most affordable Hosting with all the add on features you need, their customer support service is the most knowledgeable and friendly as compared to any other company. Youstable gives the Best reseller Hosting with WHMCS.


Why YouStable Is the Best Option For Reseller Hosting?

YouStable allows you to have your own specifications as per your budget, they don’t have any such plans, its because they want to give the developers the freedom of selecting the server specifications on their own.

In a very specific word, Youstable askes you about what you need in your hosting service and they will modify it or customize it according to your requirement.

I guess this is the biggest reason to choose Youstable over any other Reseller Hosting Provider.

Expert Advice

YouStable is the right choice for you if you want the most optimised hosting with white level branding in very pocket-friendly pricing.

4. HostGator Reseller Hosting

HostGator is a decent reseller hosting provider with some affordable and some expensive plans and they also let you start your business by white labelling branding.

Key Features

Let’s talk about some Key Features that Host Gator Gives to its customers:

  • Programming language support, CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 7, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL.
  • Programming Modules Curl, CPAN, GD Library, ImageMagick.
  • Up To 4 CPU cores
  • Up to 3 GB Physical memory and 20 MB/sec Disk I/O.
  • Up To 500,000 inodes
  • Up to 500 emails per hour

Pricing and Plans

They have divided their plans into 3 parts, they basically recommend the most expensive one which will cost you $24.95 per month while on the other hand, the cheapest one will cost you a minimal amount of $19.95 per month

Expert Advice

Their overall service is good but they don’t offer up to the mark specifications for the Ideal Reseller Hosting, some of the developers may question this thing, the customer support ++executives are also not so polite. HostGator is a well-known brand you can trust them but you may face some technical issues.

5. GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

GreenGeeks is also famous for Reseller Hosting and they also give very decent specifications for white label branding for developers and for someone hos is thinking to start a small business with a background of a Web Server.

GreenGeeks logo

Key Features

Well there are many features given by GreenGeeks but the key features are:

  • UpTo 160 GB SSD
  • Free CPanel Migration
  • 300% Green Hosting
  • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • LSCache Support

Pricing and Plans

GreenGeeks divided their plans into 3 parts RH-25, RH-50, and RH- 80, they will cost you $19.95, $24.95, and $34.95. GreenGeeks’ pricing is not that much as compared to any other company plus they also do 300% Green Hosting which a very good thing as a human.

Expert Advice

Their Pricing may increase at the time of renewal, they will add some extra charges which might disturb you a bit and they don’t offer 24*7 call support. Their USP is 300% green hosting but don’t get lost when they say unlimited, they don’t give anything unlimited, you’ll face some limit issues.

6. TDM Reseller Hosting

TDM Hosting is one of the oldest in the market and they use 6 layer SSD disks with a very optimised cache collection method you can fully manage the server and also allowed for white label selling.

TMD Hosting

TDM Also allows 50 cPanel accounts with APCu Caching for better performance and turbo fast site speed no matter how much traffic you get.

Key Features

I will tell the key features of TDM Reseller Hosting in points:

  •  2000GB Bandwidth
  •  200GB SSD Space
  •  WHM/cPanel
  •  50 cPanel accounts
  •  3x Performance
  •  APCu Caching
  •  Memcache instance 256MB

Pricing and Plans

TDM has 3 plans of reseller hosting for its users, STANDARD: $19.95, ENTERPRISE: $34.95 and PROFESIONAL $49.95. In the most expensive one, you will get a huge 2TB bandwidth with 200 GB of SSD  Space.

7. Resellerclub Reseller Hosting

Resellerclub is a very famous company for Reseller Hosting, there is ‘Make Money With Your Own Web Hosting Business.

Resellerclub logo

ResellerClub gives you 3 server options and the price may vary on each server, Resellerclub points out the customer-friendly environment and they did it very well.

Key Features

  • Unlimited WebSites
  • 200 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 4000 GB Data Transfer
  • Free WHMCS
  • Up To 300 cPanel Accounts
  • Pricing As Per The Server

Expert Advice

Well, Resellerclub is not the most valuable option for those customers who just need simple Reseller hosting for their own sites. Entry-level packages are limited on disk space and bandwidth. With Lots of downtimes reported.

8. InMotion Reseller Hosting

Inmotion reseller hosting gives free SSD storage, free billing software, cPanel and WHM, free domain reseller, 24/7/365 support, and white label resources, InMotion is also optimized for WordPress.

InMotion best Reseller Hosting

Key Features

  • Good Disk Space
  • Good BandWidth
  • Decent Pricing
  • RAID 6 Technology
  • Up To 8 GB RAM

Expert Advice

Inmotion is a very good brand but they suck sometimes like they have so many limitations on their cheapest plan and their average Up Time is also not appreciable, they use RAID 6 technology while on the other hand, YouStable Uses RAID 10.

Hello, Friends here you will get to know some Tips To Choose the Best Reseller Hosting.

As we all know that every website needs a hosting service and not everyone can set up a web server so choose Reseller Hosting and after that, you don’t need a webserver to sell the hosting service.

  • Support: Make Sure the Hosting company gives you proper 24/7/365 support through Call, Chat and Ticket
  • Uptime: Consider the uptime report of that web hosting company and You also need to take care of what happens if their servers are down.
  • Money Back Policy: A money-back guarantee is important for every reseller hosting business. You need a guarantee that you will get your money back if you do not like their services.
  • Scalability: One cannot simply understand how many clients will they have so it’s a good thing to have better scalability.
  • Value for money: While selecting a host as per your need you must figure out what they offer, and also what comes for free. Don’t pay anything extra, research on the bundle what you get for how much price.
  • Minimum Contract period: Ask your service provider that what is the minimum contract period and what is the actual process for the renewal of the pack.
  • Reseller risks: Reseller Hosting Business brings in a lot of responsibilities, some of them are, Handling your customer’s problems personally. You have to understand that whichever reseller hosting you choose, completely dependent on its stability and success.
  • Can you Turn a Profit: Yes Sure there are a lot of individuals who are earning well by reseller hosting business. But, have you considered the fact that maybe they joined the reseller hosting game when there were very few competitors?
  • Server Location: It’s better to host your website closer to the clients. It’s a great idea but, will limit your client base. A better idea is to host from enormous locations around the globe. This way you get to serve clients from multiple locations effectively.

1. Cost

Plans for reseller hosting are genuinely modest. This is the reason they’re a decent alternative for individuals hoping to get into the web hosting business. Also, it improves on things since you don’t need to buy the innovation, foundation, and gear typically expected to turn into a web hosting specialist organization.

2. Zero in on the Business

At the point when you pick reseller hosting you can zero in on the business angles instead of the specialized parts of maintaining a web hosting business. This is on the grounds that the entirety of the assignments identified with refreshes, worker upkeep, availability, security, etc, is the duty of the web hosting administration you’ve leased or bought from.

3. Space to Expand

In the event that you have a site that gets a ton of traffic, has a lot of pages, or your business has a few destinations, reseller hosting will give you a bigger number of highlights and space. For example, you can run various pieces of your destinations from various URLs and various workers without buying extra hosting plans.

Burdens of Reseller Hosting

You’re Dependent on the Original Web Hosting Company

The nature of the first web hosting company will decide the achievement of your business. This implies that if their server consistently goes down or if there are plenty of specialized issues, your business will be influenced.

You’ll Need to Dedicate Time to Customer Service

In case you’re giving a web hosting administration, regardless of whether it’s reseller hosting, you’re as yet liable for responding to inquiries from customers. In the event that you don’t set aside the effort to address these inquiries accurately, it could destroy your business.

Undeniable Level of Difficulty

Except if you’re a specialist at running a website you will discover the highlights and control boards of reseller hosting troublesome.

Changing Providers will Affect Your Clients

On the off chance that you chose to change your web hosting supplier, you need to move all the information from your customers. This can be staggeringly troublesome so it’s suggested that you have a devoted server or Virtual Private Server (VPS). Having a committed server or VPS will make it simpler to change suppliers yet it makes things more costly.

Restricted Access to the Server

You must go through your web hosting specialist organization for most things on the grounds that reseller hosting just offers restricted admittance to the server.


Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Yes, Reseller Hosting is profitable, you can easily buy and sell hosting with the help of reseller hosting.

How do you host a reseller?

Choose a Reseller Hosting Provider, Like A2 and Youstable, opt for the ideal plan as per your requirement and pocket and start Reselling.

How do I host a free reseller?

Three easy steps, first Signup in Reseller Panel second customize your Store, and third start making money.

What Is The Difference Between Shared And Reseller Hosting?

You can resell the hosting by hiding the name of the parent hosting provider, but in REseller Hostin no one will get to know that who is the parent of the webserver.

Can I Make Money With Reseller Hosting?

Yes, you can just buy a reseller hosting plan from the Best Reseller Hosting Provider and Start selling, you are also allowed to do Wite Lable Selling.

Best Reseller Hosting Providers

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