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Are you looking for the Best Angular Web hosting In South Korea for your AngularJS project?

If yes, then we have got the best deals for you. 

As we all know, South Korea is one of the Global innovation leaders and is the home of many leading brands like Samsung, LG Electronics, Krafton, and more. And with its cutting edge ICT infrastructure, boasting the world’s fastest internet speed.

Meanwhile, South Korea is becoming a hotbed of big technology startups. And every day, new businesses are emerging in different areas. 


Do you know how many South Korean companies are using Angular for their companies’ front-end development?

We’ll let you know later, but before that, let us have a glimpse of AngularJS and why it is so popular these days?

AngularJS is a front-end javascript-based Framework. But many JavaScript-based frameworks sound just as good, so how does this one stand out? 

Well, here are some of the top features that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Seamlessly real-time testing
  • Flexible development
  • Two-way data binding(Angular binds JavaScript and HTML)
  • Supporting parallel Development
  • Speed & performance
  • Fast loading speed
  • Simplified MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture
  • Suitable for single page heavy application

And these features take away much of the hassle of a web developer. That’s why nowadays AngularJS is in demand, and even top tech brands like Netflix, PayPal, Amazon, Udemy, and more are making their web applications using Angular.

Meanwhile, some of the top Korean companies are also using Angular such as Samsung, Hyundai, E-mart, and LG. 

However, when it comes to managing an AngularJS project, then even these top tech brands rely on Web hosting providers. 

Because it’s pretty challenging to host an AngularJS web application on your own as it takes a lot of effort and time.  

That’s why many small to large-scale business owners prefer to host their websites on web hosting companies. 
So, if you also want to host your best Angular projects on Top web hosting providers in South Korea, then walk through this list where we have boiled down the 5 Best web hosting providers that offer the Best Angular Web hosting in South Korea.

#1 HostWay

Hostway is an old monk in the web hosting industry, it was founded in 1998 in the United States. Despite being an old company, it continues to dominate in the industry by providing individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, and large corporations with hosting services for websites/web applications, business applications, and managed web hosting. 

Best Angular Web Hosting In South Korea: Hostway home page

Hostway offers a range of website hosting services, including Angular web hosting, cost-effective website starter plans, and more powerful and secure Managed WordPress hosting options. It has plans that will fit your budget, business needs, and technical experience.

Key Feature

  • Compatible with PHP 5.4 and 7.3 versions.
  • It has 14 Data Centers around the world, including South Korea. 
  • Support two types of HTML editors(WYSIWYG and Text editor)
  • 100% Uptime 
  • 24×7 call & chat support
  • Unlimited monthly transfer
  • POP/SMTP Email accounts
  • SSL certificates
  • SSD disk space
  • Offers multiple control Panels like Plesk, cpanel, and WHM

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent uptime
  • Multiple web hosting plans
  • Multiple control panel support
  • Compatible with the  latest version of PHP


  • Some customers have complained about tech support
  • Pricing is a bit high as compared to the other ones on this list

Pricing & Plan

Hostway’s basic plans are categorized into three prices, and all of them include Angular Web hosting services. 

  • Website Starter: at $6.95/mo.
  • FlexCloud Site: at $12.95/mo.
  • FlexCloud Site Pro: at $29.95/mon

? Features:

  • Disk space according to prices
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Email accounts
  • MYSQl and MS-SQL Database
  • Choose Linux or Windows OS
  • SSL certificates

#2 YouStable

YouStable is well known for its cheap web hosting plans in the market. It is a feature-rich web hosting provider that comes with robust features like NVMe SSD storage for fast loading pages, Lightspeed servers, and is capable of hosting all PHP and Python-based applications under their shared hosting plans at unbelievable prices.

YouStable ABout

Customer satisfaction is their top priority, so if you want great technical support, host your site on Youstable.

Key Features

  • Excellent 99.99% SLA uptime
  • NVMe SSD Support
  • Free domain, SSL certificate and migration
  • Supports PHP and MySQL
  • cPanel for Linux OS 
  • One-click installation with Softaculous auto-installer

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap hosting services
  • Feature-rich hosting provider
  • Great Technical Support
  • Great Uptime


  • Call service is only available between 9 am to 5 pm
  • No knowledge base

Pricing & plan

There basic web hosting plans have three categories that include PHP & MySQL support

  • DA START- at $1.2/m
  • DA PROFESSIONAL- at $1.79/m
  • DA Elite- at $2.69/m

? The features you’ll get are:

  • Support cPanel and Plesk control panel for both Linux and Windows OS
  • Free Migration
  • Email accounts 
  • Free SSL certificate
  • NVMe SSD Support
  • Softaculous Installer
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection

#3 Gabia

Gabia is one of the most secure web hosting providers in the south Korean region. The service they offer includes domain name, web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. 

Its shared hosting plan supports the latest versions of PHP that make it seamless to test and deploy your AngularJS applications. 

Best Angular Web Hosting In South Korea: Gabia Home Page

While on the other hand, support for databases like MySQL helps in handling the AngularJS requests efficiently. If Also you want to know about the 5 Best Angular Web Hosting In Germany & Highest Rated Web Host 2024|

Key Feature

  • Choose between Linux and Windows Hosting plans
  • Daily backups
  • Microsoft Azure & AWS cloud infrastructure
  • RAID infrastructure
  • Unlimited database
  • Web analytics tools

Pros & Cons


  • Highly secured data
  • Microsoft and AWS Support
  • Cheap web hosting plans


  • Poor customer response time 
  • Additional payment is required for installation

Pricing & Plan

Gabia offers plans from Basic to Premium ones. The prices depend upon which type of hosting plan you choose. The plans are following:

  • Basic Unlimited Traffic – at 9,500 won/mo
  • Standard Unlimited Traffic – at 20,000 won/mo
  • Unlimited Premium Traffic – at 50,000 won/mo
  • Basic – at 4,500 won/mo
  • Standard – at 15,000 won/mo

? Features:

  • All plans Support PHP latest versions
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Email accounts as per plans
  • Domain name
  • SSD storage as per plans

#4 Cafe24

Cafe24 is one of the popular Web hosting providers in South Korea, with 1.45 million customers. It provides a fast and stable infrastructure to start your business without any professional IT knowledge. All you have to do is buy their hosting service and the rest of the technical things their team will handle.

Best Angular Web Hosting In South Korea: Cafe24 home page

It offers fast and reliable services all year round, real-time server monitoring, and customer support from professional engineers. Do you know about this AngularJS Tutorial For Beginners: Getting Started – Tutorials 2024|

Key Feature

  • Supports a variety of Databases such as MariaDB, MySQL, and PgSQL.
  • Supports SSD and RAID technologies 
  • POP3 Email Accounts
  • SEO optimization
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple plans for Hosting solutions
  • SEO optimization
  • Supports multiple Database
  • Ideal for AngularJS projects


  • The website is only on the website
  • No money backup guarantee
  • No free domain

Pricing & Plan

Cafe24 offersfive5 plans under its Angular Web hosting service, and those are:

  • Economical – at 2,2000 won/mo
  • General type – at 3,3000 won/mo
  • Business – at 5,5000 won/mo
  • First Class – at 11,000 won/mo
  • Giant – at 22,000 won/mo

? Plan Features:

  • POP mail accounts
  • Domain name
  • Sub Domains are only Supported after Gener type plan
  • My SQL DB

#5 Hanbiro

Hanbiro is an old company and yet powerful web hosting provider in South Korea that specializes in server management. It comes with a team of technical experts, and the company has its network in Korea, the U.S., Japan, China, Vietnam, and other countries. Currently, the company has 5000 servers in operation and management and supports 150000 customers.

Best Angular Web Hosting In South Korea: Hanbiro Home Page

They offer services like web hosting, software, server hosting management, offshore hosting solutions, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting, and Angular Web hosting.

While on the other hand, support for databases like MySQL helps in handling the AngularJS requests efficiently. If Also you want to know about the Top 5 Best Angular Hosting Provider In Nepal 2024|

Key Feature

  • POP 3 email accounts
  • FTP/SSH access
  • Javascript, PHP4 and PHP5 Support
  • Mail Forwarding
  • VPN security
  • MySQL and PgSQL Database Support

Pros & Cons


  • High-performing servers 
  • Ideal for AngularJS projects
  • Scalable web hosting solutions
  • Offers a variety of Web hosting plans for both small and large scale businesses


  • Limited Support for international customers
  • No free domain

Pricing & Plan

Hanbiro offers a wide range of prices & plans to its customers that include 

Linux hosting plans, Windows hosting plans, Email Hosting plans, but this’ll only discuss Linux ones. As these are the most recommended plans for Angular web hosting.

  • Standard- at 30,000 won for 6 months
  • Business-  at 10,000  won for 6 months
  • Enterprise- at 50,000 won for 6 months

? Features:

  • HDD storage
  • MySQL database
  • Email accounts
  • Domains
  • Data Backup
  • Free Installation

Thanks to the hype of the AngularJS framework amongst web developers. Now there are multiple web hosting providers in South Korea that are offering Angular Web hosting services. 

But if we look at this situation from a beginner’s perspective then they are the ones who are likely to get overwhelmed by the availability of a plethora of web hosting providers in the market. 

So, if you are also a beginner and looking for a way to overcome this dilemma of which type of web hosting is more suitable for your Angular Project. 

Then follow this easy guide that we have mentioned below. So while picking up an Angular Web hosting provider in South Korea look for these specifications:

  • Always go for a hosting provider, who is Compatible with the latest versions of PHP, HTML, and MYSQL Database.
  • That has an intuitive GUI control panel
  • Can quickly deploy and scale any AngularJS project
  • Offers quick and easy software installation & configuration 
  • Offers Advance security like DDoS Protection, Immunify 360, and malware protection. 
  • Can easily handle the flood of traffic 
  • Offers VPS server, dedicated servers and cloud environment. 
  • Does the daily automatic backup
  • Offers 24/7/365 Guru Technical support 
  • Loads site pages faster than any regular web hosting provider.
Hostway Vector Logo | Free Download - (.AI + .PNG) format -  SeekVectorLogo.Com

If you want a feature-rich Web hosting provider in South Korea then Hostway is the best option for you. 

Afterall, Hostway is Compatible with PHP 5.4 and 8.0 versions, plus it has 14 Data Centers around the world including South Korea and 

Support two types of HTML editors(WYSIWYG and Text editor). In Hostway, you’ll get all the features that are Compatible with AngularJS projects at affordable prices. 

That’s why we recommend Hostway on this list. Do you know about this Best Angular Web Hosting In France, Setup, Lightning-Fast Hosting |

Get up to 75% Off YouStable Coupon, Promo Code – Valid for July 2021

If you are a beginner and looking for the cheap and best web hosting in Spain, then YouStable is the one for you. In Youstable you’ll get some free features like Free Domain, Free Email Accounts, Free SSL certificates, and Free Migration. 

Their Web hosting plans are genuine. Plus, they also offer SEO-optimized hosting solutions. And with the help of Softaculous auto-installer, you can set up WordPress with one click. 

So, experience a robust Web Hosting Service with YouStable and take your dream project to a whole new level

This concludes our 5 Best Angular Web Hosting in South Korea. Some of them even hosted the best Angular projects that are running seamlessly over the internet. 

As we all know how AngularJs Framework has the upper hand on the rest of the other frameworks and that’s why tech giants like Amazon, Intel, and some of the popular tech companies are using Angular for their web applications to generate the maximum aa amount of traffic. 

So, now we hope that you can easily choose the best one for your AngularJS project, and trust us, these are the best ones you’ll find in the market.

Best Angular Web Hosting In South Korea

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