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Best 5 DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers | Safe, Fast & Reliable. Deals Around

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If you are planning to host a website with copyrighted content then DMCA Hosting Service is the right choice for you.

In this article you will get to know about the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers available in the market with all the features you need.

You will see some of the cheapest Yet Most Featured DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers, the companies will give you all the features you need with the most pocket-friendly pricing.

Well DMCA is a copyright act which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and this is a US-based LAW that applies in almost every country but there are 7 countries that call themselves as the DMCA FREE Country.

Many People think this DMCA ignored hosting in Pakistan is not available but these companies are available on the internet.

Best 5 DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

Provider NameMain FeaturesOur Score
BadgeIndustry Leading DMCA Ignored Hosting

Industry Leading DMCA Ignored Hosting

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • CyberPanel
PriceRead Full Review
They accept bitcoin as payment

They accept bitcoin as payment

  • Free website migration.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Netherlands Server location
Largest <strong>adult hosting</strong> network on the Internet

Largest adult hosting network on the Internet

  • They allow all adult content
  • Designed to handle big traffic
  • We ignore copyright claims
Offshore Web Hosting Provider Since 2000

Offshore Web Hosting Provider Since 2000

  • Offshore Data Centers
  • Anonymous Payment
  • Identity Protection
Offshore Hosting, Fast, Secure and Always Up

Offshore Hosting, Fast, Secure and Always Up

  • Free DDOS Protection
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Money-Back Guarantee

What is DMCA Ignored Hosting?

Offshore Hosting might look quite difficult to you but lowkey it’s nothing special, the Hosting companies place the servers in countries where DMCA is just a piece of paper, and then the company allows you to upload banned content like Pornography, games downloading, and some other things.

The full form of DMCA is Digital Millennium Copyright Act and all of you must take this hosting service if you are going to host the content which is prohibited in your country, with the help of this type of hosting you can host the content of your choice but you must check the terms and conditions of each and every country.

How Do We Choose These DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers?

Well, there are many parameters on which you can judge and find the right DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider. For your adult content and streaming platform.

Finding the Free Offshore hosting and Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider is not so tough after all so here are the things for How do we choose these DMCA ignored hosting providers? Take a Look.

Server Location:

There are only 7 locations where DMCA Notice is just a piece of paper


Companies ask for too much when you ask for their DMCA Hosting, the cust must be fully surveyed.

Customer Support:

Customer support is also a very crucial point when it comes to Hosting.


You must get the best offshore hosting service with sufficient Upload and download limits.

SSD Space:

Obviously, you need good Disk Space for the storage of your data.


Content Delivery Network helps you get the best response time possible, no matter where you are requesting.

Who Should Option for Offshore Hosting?

Everyone who is looking to host Adult Content, Streaming, and downloadable copyrighted content need DMCA Ignored Servers so that he can start his Site for a specific purpose.

The companies place their Servers in Offshore Locations and this is how they ignore DMCA Hosting.

The Seven Countries are:

  • Russia.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Singapore.
  • Malaysia.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Luxembourg.

What is Not Allowed in DMCA Hosting?

  • Any type of activity that can lead to the IP being blocked by organizations such as Spamhaus
  • Under Legal Age Nudity
  • Scam/Fraudulent Websites
  • Spam
  • Illegal pharmaceutical websites
  • Any websites associated with hacks or cheats
  • Mass mailing
  • Reverse proxies
  • Selling illegal substances
  • Phishing websites
  • Botnet controllers
  • DDoS scripts
  • Brute Force attacks
  • Packet Flood scripts
  • SIP Scanners
  • IP Spoofing Attacks
  • Virus / Trojan / Malware Distribution
  • Scanning of password and password guessing tools, bots, and/or software
  • Vulnerability scanners
  • Terrorist Websites
  • Anything related to forex
  • Unlicensed IPTV services
  • Anything related to in-game virtual currencies and generators thereof
  • The sale or distribution of replica items

1. AbeloHost

AbleoHost is a Secure DMCA Hosting provider with quite impressive features they offer multiple Offshore Hosting Solutions that will Power up your Business.

DMCA ignored hosting providers: AbleoHost

The Hosting Service will be Offshore Protected with committed quality assurance and the company would not ask too much. Let’s take a look at their key features.

AbeloHost Offers Plan For $7 to $33. The company gives the best DMCA Ignored Hosting and is also the most protected DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider. Do you know about this Angular Vs AngularJS?

Key Features

✔️ One-click application installation
✔️ Multiple Hosting Services
✔️ Easy UserInterface
✔️ Legit Server Uptime

Pros and Cons


  • High level of privacy and also data security.
  • Free website migration is a plus for them


  • Customer support is at a very low level, you need to wait
  • Low RAM On Every Plan
  • No money-back guarantee for shared hosting

Plans and Pricing

SSD Web Pro v1SSD Web Pro v2SSD Web Pro v3
50 GB Bandwidth120 GB Bandwidth350 GB Bandwidth
10 GB SSD Webspace20 GB SSD Webspace40 GB SSD Webspace
0.7 Core / 512MB RAM0.9 Core / 1GB RAM1.2 Core / 2GB RAM

2. YouStable

One Of The Fastest DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers with Legit Server Uptime, you can host your website with the content of your choice, and the company will ignore DMCA notices but WAIT there are some guidelines,

DMCA ignored hosting providers: YouStable

Your Content Must not be violating any of the guidelines, if you cross your limits the company will discontinue your services. YouStable is the most affordable offshore hosting provider.


✔️ Privacy
✔️ Lenient Content Policy
✔️ Ignorance of DMCA Law
✔️ 99.95% Server Uptime
✔️ Server Management

Pros and Cons


  • Competitively-priced hosting packages
  • World-class hosting technology
  • Easy-to-scale hosting
  • Free VPS management service


  • No Refund In VPS Server Hosting 
  • Call Features Only available From 9:00-5:00 IST

Plans and Pricing

You can get the service and the server as per your requirement no matter if your need is VPS or Dedicated Server you’ll get it all at the most affordable cost.

Youstable Don’t have any dedicated plans, they will allow you to tell them your requirement and they will tell you the cost for it, and


They are one of the Best yet Affordable DMCA Ignored Hosting providers. Do you know about this Best Web Hosting India For Beginners?

3. ViceTemple

ViceTemple is one of the most famous DMCA Hosting providers for you if your main aim is Adult sites. Vice temple gives you paid templates of famous porn sites like Xvideos, Pornhub.

DMCA ignored hosting providers: ViceTemple

The company also named its servers Adult VPS, Adult Domains, Adult Servers, and Adult Web Hosting. 

Key Features

✔️ 99.99% uptime guarantee.
✔️ Automatic backups.
✔️ Free SSL certificates.
✔️ Between 15GB to 180GB storage
✔️ Between 10 to total add-on domains

Pros and Cons


  • Offshore data core.
  • Classification of multiple payment methods.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Competing and affordable pricing for all support.
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7


  • No free Trial
  • There are better options available in the market at a lower price
  • Only available for Adult web hosting

Plans and Pricing

Adult Shared HostingAdult Virtual ServerAdult Dedicated Server
Unlimited TrafficUnlimited TrafficUnlimited Traffic
15 GB SSD10 GB SSD (RAID 10)2 x 1TB SATA
Free SSL CertificatesFree SSL CertificatesFree SSL Certificates

4. HostPlay

The Company which allows you to select your ideal place to host your website with the best business offers is HostPlay.

DMCA ignored hosting providers

This company gives pricing flexibility with a legit Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like their services.

Key Features

✔️ 99.9% Uptime
✔️ Money-Back Guarantee
✔️ Reliable & Affordable
✔️ 24/7 Support
✔️ Multiple Server Locations

Pros and Cons


  • Pricing flexibility and upgrade
  • Ioncube loader and a variety of front-page extensions
  • Free Comodo SSL on all plans


  • Semi-dedicated plans are not beginner-friendly
  • No paid or free domain name provided
  • Not quite economical

Plans and Pricing

Semi-dedicated – $14.40/mVPS Windows –  $23.80/mVPS Linux – $25.50/mDedicated Servers – $175.75/m
30 GB Storage30 GB Storage50 GB StorageIntel Xeon E3-1260L
600 GB Premium Bandwidth1000 GB Premium Bandwidth1500 GB Premium Bandwidth8 GB DDR3 RAM
cPanel & WHM Control Panel1 GB Dedicated Memory2 GB Dedicated Memory15 TB Premium Bandwidth
Premium Speed2 CPU Cores2 CPU CoresKVM Over IP
Self Server LocationSelf Server LocationSelf Server LocationSelf Server Location
24/7 Online Support24/7 Online Support24/7 Online Support24/7 Online Support
More Server ResourcesFully Managed ServerFully Managed ServerFully Managed Server

5. BlueAngelHost

Enterprise-level hosting is given by BlueAngleHost, This company gives one of the cheapest Dedicated Server Offshore Hosting with the best security possible.

DMCA ignored hosting providers:BlueAngelHost

You can host your own website with whatever niche you want, but read the terms and conditions before selecting the type of hosting you want.

Key Features

✔️ Free DDOS Protection
✔️ Offshore Hosting
✔️ Enterprise-class Hardware
✔️ 24/7 Support
✔️ 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Pros and Cons


  • Quick setup.
  • Affordability.
  • Access to customer service


  • Website speed.
  • Pricing plan flexibility.
  • Support is not as fast nor as knowledgeable as other hosting providers

Plans and Pricing

vCPU: 2 corevCPU: 3 corevCPU: 4 core
Storage: 40GB HDD (RAID 10)Storage: 60GB HDD (RAID 10)Storage: 80GB HDD (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 1.5TB (1Gbps Shared)Bandwidth: 2TB (1Gbps Shared)Bandwidth: 4TB (1Gbps Shared)


So finally you reached the conclusion, well now you know how to find the best DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider and who are the Best DMCA Ignored Service Provider.

Now you also know DMCA Ignored Countries and the terms and conditions to get the Proper Offshore Hosting Provider. Before making any choice you must go through the Pros n Cons so that you can make sure which Hosting Provider is right for you.

And keep in mind no one is perfect, you will notice seven in the best DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider, it’s up to you which one suits you the most within your budget.

DMCA Ignored Hosting

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