5 Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada | Free Domain, WordPress Pre-installed

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: The Country is known for its open policies and attractive Scenery. You can Host your Angular Site from Canada Only. 

Hello, Guys here you will get to know about the Best Angular Hosting available in Canada, Well angular is a framework for Javascript. And the latest version is Angular 12.

So, I have done a relevant search for you so that you get the Ideal Hosting Provider For You. let’s Get Started with a guide.

Canadians you don’t make any mistakes while selecting the right web hosting provider for you, check out these points below to get the best Angular Hosting Provider in Canada.

  • Quick Installation
  • Check out the hosting Features
  • Supports Latest PHP, HTML Versions
  • Supports Database
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Refund Policy

The top web hosting providers for you are mentioned below, go through each one of them and find the Hosting Provider which suits you the most.

1. YouStable

YouStable is a cheap Hosting Provider in Canada, with the best customer service and best security. The company offers Hosting from just $1.2 per month and believe me they are the best Hosting provider in Canada.

YouStable ABout

Let us take a look at features for Angular Web Hosting in Canada. If Also you want to know about the Top 5 Best Angular Hosting Provider In Nepal 2024.

Key Features

  • Super Fast LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • Top-Notch Bit Ninja Protection
  • Best Server Response Rate
  • Uncompromised Customer Support

Pros and Cons


  • Litespeed Web Servers
  • Bit Ninja Protection
  • Legit 99.95% Server Up Time 
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support


  • Call Feature Only 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM IST( Working Days Only)
  • No Knowledge Base

Pricing and Plan

YouStable got 3 exciting plans named as DAStart, DAProfessional, and DAElite. The choice is yours which one suits you the most.

Although the Most valuable plan of YouStable is Cheaper than many Hosting Providers’ base plans.

YouStable Plans

2. A2 Hosting

Old is gold? A2 has been Hosting for the last 18 years so if you are looking for the fastest Hosting provider then A2 is the right Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada.

A2 Hosting About

The company uses Litespeed Web Servers which gives you the best optimizations.

Key Features

  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Transfer Free 
  • Easy Site Migration 
  • Free Automatic Backups 
  • Easy Money Back Guarantee 
  • Speed Optimized WordPress 
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment 
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support 
  • Free SSL Certificate

Pros And Cons


  • One of the Fastest Page Loading Speed 
  • Reliable Uptime of 99.97%
  • Free Site Migrations


  • Domain Name is Not Free
  • High Renewal Rates
  • Restrictions on the Cheapest Plan

Pricing & Plan

As you can see the company offers 4 plans and each one of them defines what it is for. It’s totally up to you which suits you the most for Angular Web Hosting in Canada. If Also you want to know about Best Angular Web Hosting In UK |

a2 Hosting Pricing and plans

3. PlanetHoster

Planethoster is another Unlimited Web Hosting Provider in Canada. They give 24/7 support and use Premium infrastructure with Optimal security.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: PlanetHoster

They are also pretty good for Angular Web Hosting in Canada. If Also you want to know about AngularJS Tutorial For Beginners: Getting Started

Key Features

  • 24/7 Support
  • Server Uptime of 99%
  • Optimal Security to your Canadian Websites 
  • Dedicated SSL for each domain

Pros And Cons


  • Canada and France based Servers
  • Legit Server Up Time 
  • Anti Malware Protection


  • Customer Support Needs Improvement
  • Pricing is high as compared to features

Pricing & Plan

The company offers one plan which will cost you 6 euros and in that plan, you will get a Smart CMS Platform, unlimited disk space, and unlimited sites that are allowed to be Hosted.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: PlanetHoster plan

4. Web Hosting Canada

Best Web Hosting Canada 2024, the hosting service is built for Speed and offers cPanel and it doesn’t end here, they also offer Built-In Security with 24*7 expert assistance.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: Web Hosting Canada

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Key Features

  • cPanel Admin Panel
  • 24*7 Expert Assistance
  • Built-in Security
  • Canadian Geolocation

Pros And Cons


  • Free domain
  • Secure & reliable business email
  • 30-day free trial


  • Costly renewal prices

Pricing & Plan

The company offers 3 plans, the first one will cost you 2.99 Canadian Dollars the recommended one will cost you 11.89 Canadian Dollars.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: Web Hosting Canda plan

5. Dynamic Hosting

They are the best Managed Hosting Provider in Canada, they also keep regular Hosting updates from their customers and if you take services from Dynamic Hosting your site will go boom and run like a Rocket.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: Dynamic Hosting

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Key Features

  • Up to Unlimited Domains
  • Up to Unlimited SSD Space
  • Free SSL Certificate

Pros And Cons


  • Free Lifetime SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Features
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Backup and Security Features


  • Limited Number of Domains
  • No Free CDN

Pricing & Plan

Keep it simple, Unlimited, and managed WordPress these 3 plans are offered if we opt for Shared Hosting. You will also get a one-click installation with every pack.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: Canadian WordPress Hosting Plans

CompanyKey FeaturesVisit
youstable-logo1. NVMe SSD
2. Free SSL Certificate
3. Daily Backup
4. 24/7 Support
5.  99.9% Uptime
Visit Site
interserver logo1. 30-day Money-back Guarantee
2. 99.9% Uptime
3. Ultra-fast speed
4. 24/7 Support
Visit Site
Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada: youstable Logo

One Of The Cheapest Web Hosting Providers For Canada. YouStable is the right choice for you if you are sick of high renewal charges and poor customer support. YouStable is the Best Host In Canada. You can easily rely on them for secure and prominent services.

One of the best Web Hosts In Canada. This company gives 100% to serve its customers and the Interface That’s Great For Beginners doesn’t end here. They’re Definitely prominent and also good enough to keep your things safe.

Which are the Best Web Hosting CANADA?

YouStable and A2 Hosting are the best Hosting Providers in Canada. It’s totally up to you which one suits you the most and which one fits in your pocket.

How much do you need to pay for web hosting in Canada?

The cheapest one will be given from YouStable and Surprisingly it gives the Best Service In this price segment.

Well now that you have reached the conclusion for Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada, you know how to find the ideal Hosting Provider and also which Web Hosting Provider in Canada fits in your pocket.

GO get your Angular site life with the Hosting Provider of your choice and see yourself grow with the hell of Canadian Web Hosting.

If you have any queries regarding the best Canadian e-commerce web hosting then you can ask me in the comment section below. 

Happy Hosting?.

Best Angular Web Hosting in Canada

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