You are currently viewing 10+ FREE Online Proofreading Tools [2023 SELECTIVE LIST]

10+ FREE Online Proofreading Tools [2023 SELECTIVE LIST]

As a blogger, if you want your articles or blog posts to be free from grammatical mistakes, then check out this list of free online proofreading tools that we have broken down below. 

Proofreading is something that every blogger must do to deliver error-free content and quality content. Why not? After all, who doesn’t want to make rich content from all aspects? 

So, luckily to reduce the hassle of grammatical errors and leverage Content writing, the internet has given us a plethora of AI-based free online proofreading tools. From that, we have handpicked some of the best free online proofreading tools which make sure that your content is well written, error-free, and uses correct punctuation marks. 

These tools are trusted by some of the renowned content writers out there, and trust us by using these tools; you can be the next pro writer.  

Best Online Proofreading Tools

These AI-based tools are too easy to handle, and our writers at MyAngular also use these free online proofreading tools.

FREE Online Proofreading Tools

Now it’s your time to check out these excellent tools, and later on, you can comment below and let us know about your experience with them. 

But for now, let’s dive right into them. 

#1. Grammarly

Here comes the first free best free online proofreading tool, “Grammarly”. Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based writing app assistant that reviews spelling, grammatical errors. 

This AI-based tool is easy to use, all you need to do is just upload your content, and it makes sure that everything you type is correct and clear and readable to your audience. 


On top of that, it even checks plagiarism and explains the reason behind each suggestion. So you can get to know where you have gone wrong while writing content. 

Our verdict:

Grammarly is the best online proofreading tool for entry-level writers who have just started their journey as a blogger or content writers. However, if you want to use Grammarly to its full potential, we suggest you go with its premium version.

#2. Google Doc 

Google Doc is a web-based word processor that creates and edits text documents right in your browsers; you don’t need to install a particular software for that. 

Plus, multiple people can work simultaneously, and even the slightest change is saved automatically. To access Google Docs, all you need is a Gmail account. get Started with High Paying Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

 Google Doc 

If we talk about its proofreading feature, then this free tool is capable of correcting spellings, punctuations, and grammar errors in real time.

Our verdict: 

If you want a real-time proofreading experience and a powerful text editor, in which multiple users can work at the same time, then Google Doc is for you. 

#3. Proofreading Tool

The proofreading tool is another free online proofreading tool in this list that comes with rich editing features like automatic spell checker, scoring and reporting a wide range of errors in a document. 

Proofreading Tool

Moreover, you can paste or upload documents for proofreading, and it’ll give instant results. With the Proofreading Tool, you can quickly make changes to your document, correct the words in an instant and get suggestions by clicking on the highlights.

Our verdict:

A proofreading tool is an excellent tool for improving your writing. It automatically highlights areas that need corrections, and The grading system allows content writers to deliver top-notch content. 

#4. Wordy

Wordy is a real-time humanly operated and proofreading tool that comes in only a paid version. The overall correction process is not automated and you may have to wait for hours to get your document back.


Even though the tool is multi-lingual and can proofread documents in up to 15 different languages and on top of that it provides professional-grade copy-editing, rewriting and proofreading services.Also, get Started with Best CouchTuner Alternatives 

Our Verdict:

Wordy is great for pro-writers. Although The Pay-as-you-go structure may not appeal to those who do not want to spend a lot on proofreading. 

Essentially it’s not a fully AI-based proofreading tool here editing is done by human editors which accounts for the waiting period before you get your document back.

#5. Slick Write

Slick write is a powerful free online proofreader. This tool makes it easy to check your grammatical errors, potential stylistic mistakes within a second. 

Slick Write

It is used by millions of writers and you can use it too by simply using its extension which is available for both chrome and firefox.

Our verdict:

Great tool for all sorts of writers whether it is SEO professional, student, blogger, or novelist. Here you can do types of writing assignments. 

On the other hand, it is fully customizable. You can customize the settings so that you get feedback according to your needs and create graphs using the data you input. 

#6. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is also one of the best free proofreading online tools that come with lots of benefits such as improving efficiency, enhancing your reputation, maintaining brand consistency, and developing skills & capability. 


ProWritingAid can be used for free online. It provides 20 powerful writing reports. But in order to get its all its benefits, you have to buy its premium version which offers the desktop application and integration with browsers & other apps. get Started with Best Unlimited Web Hosting CPanel Plans

This tool is compatible with MS Outlook, MSWord, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, OpenOffice, Scrivener, and even with Google Docs.

Our verdict:

ProWritingAid has a popular Writing Style Report and with its premium plans, you can deliver lots of high-quality content without any plagiarism.

#7. Paperrater


Our verdict:

Unfortunately, the plagiarism checker feature of this tool comes with a paid version. But its basic features make it a perfect tool for students.

#8. Typely

Typely is one of the best feature-rich free online proofreaders and is fully customizable. This tool shows your content rating, word counts, punctuation, grammatical mistakes etc.


Although Type is still “new in the business” when compared to other online proofreading tools, with its frequent updates thereby making it is excellent for checking your work.

Our Verdict:

A type is a great tool for checking errors, but it lacks plagiarism checks. It doesn’t have a plagiarism checker feature, which is, we suppose, a crucial one when it comes to blogging.

Overall, it is entirely free and does not limit the documents you can check, but the number of characters is capped at 50,000.

#9. Ginger Software

Another free online proofreading tool in this list has extensions for most of the browsers, including Microsoft. 

Ginger Software

With this tool, you’ll get real-time suggestions as you go through your document. It also has an intuitive online interface where you can easily paste the text for corrections.

Our verdict:

Ginger Software is a fantastic tool for fast proofreading and easy grammar, spelling, structure checking, etc. With the help of this tool, you can proofread your emails too.

#10 Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot is a free online proofreader tool that checks the text for grammar, style, statistics and plagiarism issues and gives recommendations to improve your writing. 

Proofread Bot

However, this tool only supports English and other languages that are yet to come. Proofread Bot has both free and paid versions that come with robust features. 

Our Verdict:

If you are already an expert in writing and want to make some money from this tool, you can also contribute to it as it is an open-source tool. Check out its contributor’s guide.

#11. Polishmywriting

Polishmywriting got renamed as “After the Deadline”, which uses AI and natural language processing technology to find writing errors. 


This tool is an open-source project and is still under development. But despite being an under-development project, it can perform essential proofreading functions like spell checking, style checking and grammar checking. 

Our verdict:

The tool is ideal for basic proofreading tasks. Polishmywriting plugin is available on WordPress by the name After the Deadline. So if you are a WordPress user who writes blogs on Gutenberg editor, this might be the perfect plugin for you.

Why is proofreading important?

We suggest that if you are a blogger or a writer, proofreading is one of the essential things you must look for after completing an article or a blog post.

Proofreading increases the quality of your content by carrying out unnecessary grammatical errors and makes your text readable to your audience. 

If you are cooking rich content, then proofreading is the last and an important step that allows you to go through the entire range and check every single line or paragraph of your content and looks well organised and error-free. Here, you can also get Free Cloud Hosting Without Credit Card

Another importance of proofreading is that it maintains your reputation as a writer. So, no one can question your proficiency as a content writer. 

Now you know how important proofreading is, but proofreading manually is a bit of a difficult task to do. So just to make it easy, we have mentioned some free proofreading tools above that are easy to use. 

If you haven’t checked them, go check them out. 


Are Online Proofreaders Entirely Accurate?

Online Proofreaders are AI-based tools; their overall process is fully automated. Although they are mostly accurate, sometimes they too make mistakes and provide false suggestions.

What Is The Difference Between Free And Paid Tools?

The main difference is features, like with free tools you’ll get basic features, while with paid ones you’ll get advanced features like plagiarism checkers.

I Have Seen A Typographic Error That Was Not Highlighted; Why?

As we have mentioned above, you can’t entirely rely on these online tools because they too make mistakes and may the typographic was one of them.

Get Started with Free Online Proofreading tool 

Let’s wrap up the things now; These are some of the best free online proofreading tools in the market. 

These tools will help you make unique and rich content. Even if you are not proficient in English, you can also create excellent content for your audience, easily readable and free from grammatical mistakes. 

At last, we would like to suggest to you that if you are a beginner level writer, then you must go with Grammarly and Google doc. Because these tools are the best free proofreading online tools for beginners, they guide you in every line and paragraph. 

So, this was all for today. For more valuable content, visit MyAngular regularly. 

FREE Online Proofreading Tools

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