Free AngularJs Hosting 2024: Host Angular App for Free

Free AngularJs Hosting 2024: Hosting an Angular Project can be sometimes a headache. You may be developing a project on a low scale or just for personal use or maybe just for the sake of practice, and testing.

At that time you don’t need to buy a domain and host your website on some big angular hosting provider.

You can simply host your web app on #Firebase, #GoogieHost, #GitHub, and #Heroku.

Free AngularJs Hosting Provider in 2024

#1 Localhost

LocaHost is the first option for Free AngularJs Hosting list, One of the techniques to host your angular app is to host it locally.

I have used this method many times, to test my build, to get confident about my code.

In advance of building your angular project, you must have tested it by executing the command ng serve and making it error-free.

free angular hosting

For doing this, you first need to build your angular code by ng serve –prod.

You can use –base-href tag with this command to assign a base address for your code, or you probably have previously assigned it in index.html to ‘/’.

If you didn’t acquire any errors then feel grateful, your build would have created in the dist folder.

If you’re with Linux, then you probably have heard of HTTP-server that creates a local server for any folder you need.

If not, then you can be able to install it by the command name HTTP-server.

After the installation is ended you can manually navigate to your build directory, and use the command HTTP-server ./

which will route your build files on the default port 8080, use HTTP-server -p 1010 ./ to run your server at different ports.

Ta-da!!, currently just visit localhost:8080/ to find your angularjs app locally hosted successfully.

#2 FireBase

Firebase Hosting delivers fast and secure hosting for your web app like angular applications, static and dynamic content, and microservices. Firebase Hosting is presented production-grade web app content hosting for developers.

Firebase Hosting is a completely managed hosting service for static and dynamic content as well as microservices.

The service is supported by SSD storage and a global CDN (content delivery network). Zero-configuration SSL is built hooked on Firebase Hosting, so content is always delivered securely.

How can you host?

  • Build then host your microservices, API, and forms
  • Host your single-page web apps, marketing websites, and static and dynamic assets
  • Add a custom domain (or a subdomain)
  • Keep all your sites in one place
  • Automate continuous deployment with Cloud Build
  • Restrict access and counter a DDoS attack for your web apps
  • Customize everything! – Error pages, Rewrites, Headers, Caching and CDN behaviour
  • Deploy to Firebase from various web-based IDEs
  • Build deep integrations with other Firebase services
  • Create a custom deployment workflow using REST API and our Node.js modules

For more details please check the Firebase hosting documents –

#3 GoogieHost

GoogieHost is one of the fastest-growing free Angularjs hosting companies in India.

GoogieHost is famous for giving cost-effective website Angularjs hosting services around the globe.

They are not just a brand that provides AngularJS hosting services to customers.

GoogieHost offers eventual free angularjs hosting services filled with our most popular cPanel “DirectAdmin” to manage your web applications,

along with our free web hosting SSD boosted, Website builder, Webmail, Attract SEO Tools, Fast Databases, and Much more unique things.Also Read Best Cheap Offshore Web Hosting

AngularJS hosting services Features:

  • 1000MB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Absolutely Free! No ads
  • Free Business Emails
  • Free Subdomains
  • 2 Databases
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • Online File Manager
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Free Helpdesk Support
  • Spam Protection
  • Free Domains
  • Free SSL
  • Easily Scalable

#4 Cloud Storage

Use GitHub pages to host your angular js application freely. Front-end project code like angular js application on GitHub can be hosted using GitHub Pages.

The biggest advantage here is that hosting is 100% free, which is beautiful. They also provide a GitHub pages subdomain ( hosted over HTTPS.

free angularjs hosting

The main difficulty of this offering is in flexibility, or the lack thereof.

For an ultra-basic website, with an index.html file at the root of the development, a handful of JS/CSS/image resources, and no build system, GitHub Pages works very well.

Larger projects, however, often have more difficult directory layouts, such as a pre-built src directory containing the source code modules,

a node_modules directory containing outside dependencies, and a separate public directory containing the built website files.

These projects can be problematic to configure in order to work correctly with GitHub Pages since it is configured to serve from the root of the repository.

It is likely to have a GH pages site only serve from, say, the project’s public or dist subdirectory, but it needs setting up a gitsubtree for that directory prefix, which can be a bit complex.

For more progressive projects, I’ve found that using a cloud storage service is generally greener and provides better flexibility.

#5 Docker

Use Docker to host several low-traffic apps on a single device.

Sometimes you might have several backend applications to run, but each without a very demanding CPU or memory footprint.

In this situation, it can be an advantageous cost-cutting move to run all of the angular applications on the same machine instead of running each in a separate order.


This can be difficult, however, if the projects have differing dependencies or need to be run on different operating system deliveries.

Docker is a containerization engine that delivers a sophisticated solution to these issues. To make an angular js web application work with Docker,

you can write a Dockerfile to include with the source code, specifying the base operating system

and providing orders to set up the angular project and dependencies. The resulting Docker container can be run on any operating system,

making it actually easy to consistently manage development/production environments and to avoid conflicting dependencies.

Docker-Compose is a tool that permits you to write a configuration file to run multiple Docker containers at once.

This makes it easy to run multiple lightweight applications like angularjs apps, services, and database containers, all on the same system without demanding to worry about conflicts.

It can save a lot of time and money if you are willing to take the time to get familiar with the tools (which can, admittedly, have a steep knowledge curve at first).

Final Thoughts

I also use GitHub to store source code and GoogieHost to automate my Angularjs application build/test/deployment processes. Both are completely free, of course, until you need more advanced, enterprise-friendly competencies.

2024 is a great year to deploy an angular js web app. If your app is a huge success, you can expect the costs to go up evenly with the amount of traffic it receives, but with a well-optimized codebase and an accessible deployment setup, these costs can still be restricted within an actual manageable range.

I hope that this article about Free AngularJs Hosting in 2024 has been useful! Feel free to comment below with any other techniques and tactics for obtaining cheap angular js web app hosting.

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