Review 2024: Host your AngularJs with VPS Review 2024: It’s hard to decide which Web Hosting company to choose when we are working on an Angular project because we can not reply on shared hosting platforms.

Angular requires special sets of features and working environments on the server level which most of the web hosts don’t provide with shared plans.

Introduction: is one of the best Angular hosting providers in the Netherlands started in 2010 and now they are serving thousands of satisfied customers across the globe review. review

 They started first with dedicated servers and then started to offer VPS plans plans

They got their own Data Center located in Rotterdam with 100% SLA which means you do not have to worry about the uptime.

Setting up Angular on Snel VPS

In this guide, we will explain how you could set up your Angular Application on Snel’s VPS Hosting even if you are not that Linux expert because we will be using a simple control panel {Webuzo}

The minimum server recommend is 1GB of RAM, 20GB Disk Space, 1 core to setup AngularJs using the Webuzo control panel so you can choose any of these Snel VPS Plans according to your requirements

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After you deploy your Cloud VM you need to log in as root in order to Install Webuzo Control Panel by following these simple CLI


Installation commands {CENTOS}

wget -N 
chmod 0755 
./ // This will install the LAMP Stack, DNS Server and FTP server along with Webuzo

After Webuzo Installation completed you will get the final message like this review

To complete the setup of your control panel visit https://yourserverip:2004 this will ask you some details and leave the license as BLANK to use FREE Version of Webuzo

After you complete the setup of your panel you need to log in as an end-user from this URL https://yourserverip:2002

You will be redirected to the website management panel but your Snel VPS isn’t ready to host Angular Projects yet, Select the APPS option from the header menu vps hosting

In the sidebar search for “AngularJs” and you need to install it as the default app of your server

Angularjs App

After installation is complete I would recommend you to reboot your VPS from your Snel control panel and you are ready to run Angular Application on this server.

If you need any kind of help to choose Angular hosting please contact us or follow us on social media. Review 2021

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