Angular Vs Flutter In 2024: Which One Is Better?

Angular Vs Flutter:- It is one of the most annoying Moment for web developer for Choosing any Framework for your Web Projects. As we can see Web development era is changing day by day. However choosing the best framework for your web development project is still one of the difficult task.

What is Angular Vs Flutter?

Angular Vs Flutter is both frameworks developed by Google for building software and websites. However, both have different companies and different work functionalities.

Therefore, it is important to know what framework you should be using for your web designs and projects by getting well acquainted with both frameworks. With time and expertise on both or one of the these field, you will get a firm idea on how you want your website or design to be programmed with and which framework to choose.

Here are a detailed differences and features of Angular and Flutter framework: 


To begin with, we need to know what Angular is. Developed by Google, it is a hybrid framework useful for building web applications and mobile applications as well.

As an Open-Source Platform of Google, it has been offering amazing ways to build single-page client applications with the help of HTML implementation and Typescript functionalities.

It is widely used to conduct projects as it is easy to understand and has a variety of different functions and features.

Angular Vs Flutter

It may get complex at a point, creating specific framework application for smartphones, but if you’ve completed your beginner phase, it is a great application for various purposes.


Flutter, like Angular, is also a framework developed by Google. It is an SDK i.e. a Software Development Kit, with features allowing you to build mobile apps for iOS with one language.

It is thus, defined as a single code-based language, using DART programming language which is quite similar to JAVA.  

Angular Vs Flutter

Angular Vs Flutter, being a modern reactive mobile framework developed by Google, helps in removing many complexities found in the process of building mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Developers find it easier to build faster and much smoothly form a single codebase with Flutter.

Main Difference Between Angular Vs Flutter:

The main difference between Angular and Flutter is that Angular came earlier than Flutter and Flutter was developed to resolve some issues associated with Angular.

Angular requires rebuilding everything from the start to build a mobile application of android and iOS using the same application method since it uses typescript language and HTML structure to build new web applications.

To resolve this issue, Google came about with another development, known as Flutter that uses a single code-base and DART Programming Language.

In terms of usability and ease of understanding, Angular is more stable than Flutter. But in comparison to Angular, Flutter is known to have faster performance.

Since Flutter is recently developed, Angular is more reliable than Flutter as it consists lesser bugs and lags that needs fixing. 

Even though angular is renowned as an open-source Framework, highly used globally, Flutter has successfully become a rising path for developing cross-platform apps.

Angular Advantages:

The following are the Advantages of Angular framework:

1.      Newer versions of Angular include faster development tools than React and Redux

2.      Real-life example of Angular Projects are: Gmail, YouTube TV, Netflix, Xbox Live and Deutsche Bank API program

3.      Professionals with Angular skills are a high demand in the software industry.

4.      It has been till date one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks

5.      Projects aren’t restricted to Fortune 500 companies and cash-rich enterprises.

6.      For front-end developer or a software engineer, it is one of the top skills to master.

 Angular key features:

The Key features of Angular include:

· Includes Data binding,

·        Type Components,

·        Service Components,

·        Provider Components,

·        Filter Components,

·        Dependency Injection

Which Projects Are Built With Angular Frame Work?

Angular Framework allows you to build single-page web apps and mobile apps. These include animations, progressive web apps, offline work functionality, e-commerce apps and many more.

The following projects can be done in this framework:

1.      Soundnode

2.      Notepad application

3.      Angular hello world project

4.      Data binding in forms

5.      Admin panel framework

6.      Customer service manager

7.      Standard chat application

8.      URL shortener

9.      Storybook

10.   Compodoc etc.

You can also add on your own projects and software developments if you have created one based off your own creativity and experience.

Once you’ve mastered the framework skills, you can combine anything to create your very own website or Project On your own and give it your own designs. 

Flutter Advantages:

Advantages of Flutter are:

1.      Consists of faster code writing

2.      For two platforms, one code is more than enough.

3.      With the option of having the same app on two platforms, there is less testing.

4.      All Flutter apps work smoothly and faster

5.      It consists of designs that allows customization and creation of own widgets

6.      It is perfect for MVP

Flutter Key Features:

The key features of Flutter are:

·        Flutter Engine

·        Dart Platform

·        Foundation Library

·        OS Design Specific Widgets

·        Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms

·        Lesser Code Development Time.

·        Time-to-Market Speed Increase

·        Custom, Animated UI of Any Complexity Available

·        Own Rendering Engine.

·        Simple Platform-Specific Logic Implementation

What Type Of Projects Can Be Built Using Flutter Framework?

You can perform the following functions and projects in Flutter:

1.      You can build your own canvas based 2D game in Flutter.

2.      You can build your own websites in Flutter.

3.       You can create Google ads for smartphones and other applications

4.      You can build and design any kind of 2D Apps for mobiles and smartphones

5.      You can get started with interactive apps for your web pages

6.      You can create pixelated experiences for android and iOS

Which Framework Is To Choose?

You need to understand your project goals and progressive functions to know which framework to use for building or designing software applications. Angular Vs Flutter is an amazing framework that requires mastering skills on programming and software engineering.

They’re both highly beneficial in their own respective fields. Angular is well associated for building any kind of apps and web applications for web and mobile while Flutter allows you to build native mobile apps for iOS and android with a single code.

Angular is the most preferred framework till the current date, but with time and Development Flutter may be highly used too.


1.  Does Angular Kill Flutter?

No, Angular does not kill Flutter. Angular builds all kinds of apps and does not collide with Flutter in between work functionality. Unless your desktop or system dies, Angular is very safe.

2.  Is Angular Like Fluttering?

Although both are developed by Google for the same purpose, Angular and Flutter are very different to each other.
Angular is great for building web and mobile applications being a hybrid network while Flutter is an SDK following a single code-based language that allows you to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

3.  Is It Worth Learning Flutter In 2024?

It’s a great chance to build beautiful, high-performance, and outstanding mobile apps that fit your custom needs and requirements. It’s worth considering Flutter, especially if you want an app both for iOS and Android. What’s more, it can save you time & money.

4.  Is Flutter Stable 2024?

Flutter has been constantly upgrading itself continuously and we can safely say that it is very stable. It has also improved a lot and provides amazing performances for android and iOS devices.

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